Economic Development District

Economic Development Strategy

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy-2014 rvsd

Employment Development:  To help create additional new jobs above and beyond those that will be created with projected regional growth; to enhance the economic vitality and quality of life of our communities by means of participation with the regional cooperative effort of the 14 county Northeast Missouri Development Partnership; and to research and identify needs suitable for review and consideration as projects by Gamm Inc., Missouri Career Center, Missouri Economic Development  Council, Missouri Entrepreneurship & Business Development Center and the Northeast Missouri Workforce Investment Board.

Community Development & Transportation: To reassess the adequacy of community utilities/services throughout the Region; and to continue the Housing Inspections and Administration for CDBG projects addressing substandard LMI housing.

Natural Resources and Energy: To establish, in cooperation with private firms and public agencies, significant demonstration projects of alternative sources of energy at widespread locations throughout the Region.

Environment: To update and implement a Solid Waste Management Plan through the NEMO Region C Solid Waste Management  District; complete possible revisions which may become necessary to Environmental Reviews; complete Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plans in our counties; complete the Electric Cooperative Hazard Mitigation Plan for the region; initiate the land utilization planning project for land use studies of areas located within flood zones or other high hazard geographic areas.