NEMO RPC TAC 2019 Road & Bridge Needs Ranking Sheet

There were 30 total needs identified by the TAC that were to be ranked individually by each TAC member and then compiled in this final tally. A ranking of High (5 points), Medium (3 points), or Low (1 point) was to be assigned by each member to each need. Each TAC member was limited to a maximum total of 10 High priority needs, 10 Medium priority needs and 10 Low priority needs. 

County/RouteLocation/Potential solutionNeed IDHigh, Medium, or Low
Clark 61 & 136Raise road at AlexandriaCL 766
Knox 6Entrance to High School near Edina; turn laneKN 164
Lewis 6High School near Ewing; turn laneLE 762
Lewis HReplace bridge over Middle Fabius RiverLE 15 (new)52
Lewis EReplace bridge over Sugar CreekLE 13 (new)48
Scotland 15Replace bridge over N. Fork Wyaconda River (in Scoping)SCO 648
Adair/Schuyler 63Kirksville to Iowa Border; construct share 4-laneAD SCH 446
Knox FReplace bridge over Little Fabius RiverKN 7 (new)44
Scotland 15Add shoulders form Memphis SouthSCO 1144
Clark HFrom Rte. 81 to Rte. 61; surface and shoulder repairCL 10 (new)42
Lewis 6 & 16Intersection near Lewistown; sight distanceLE 342
Lewis EReplace Bridge over Derrah’s BranchLE 14 (new)42
Adair Bus. 63Brewington Ave. to Rte 6; center turn laneAD 141
Knox KReplace Bridge over Middle Fabius RiverKN 8 (new)41
Adair 11Replace bridge over Floyd CreekAD 12 (new)40
Clark 136 & 81Kahoka; turn laneCL 140
Knox 15From Rte. AA to curve, north of Edina; rain/hydroplane issueKN 640
Schuyler 136Bridge over abandoned RR; 1 mile west of Rte. 63 (in Scoping)SCH 540
Lewis KNorth of LaBelle; add shouldersLE 638
Knox 15Add shoulder through countyKN 536
Clark CFrom Rte. 81 to Rte. 27; surface and shoulder repairCL 9 (new)34
Lewis 61Rte. 16 to Rte. P; Auxiliary laneLE 234
Lewis JReplace Bridge over Big Grassy CreekLE 16 (new)34
Schuyler VariousAll lettered routes; surface repairSCH 234
Scotland 136 and 15Memphis “Y” intersection lightingSCO 1034
Adair 11Add shoulders through entire countyAD 332
Scotland 15Memphis, Madison St. Intersection; visibilitySCO 232
Clark 81Replace bridge over BNSF RRCL 630
Adair/Knox/Lewis 6Surface repair / widening / rumble stripesAD KN LE 4Completed or to be completed with several projects – Do not rank
Adair Bus. 63/BaltimorePatterson to Illinois; Surface repair, ADA improvements and drainage improvementsAD 6In FY21 – Do not rank
Schuyler MReplace 1 lane bridge over S. Fork N. Fabius RiverSCH 1In FY24 – Do not rank
Scotland 15Replace bridge over Foreman BranchSCO 4In FY21 – Do not rank

This section contains multimodal needs that don’t fit as traditional STIP projects, usually because they don’t qualify for Road and Bridge funds, therefore they are ranked separately.  There are 4 total needs identified by the TAC, with members allowed to rank two High, one Medium and one Low priority.

#County/RteTypeDescription of need/Potential SolutionNeed IDHigh, Medium, or Low
 All countiesTransitAdditional funding of OATS for more days of service. 72
 LewisBike/PedCanton; Sidewalks along Bus. Rte. 61/Rte. P; Culver Stockton to AyercoLE 1248
 AdairAviationKirksville Airport; Terminal building improvements, hangar improvements, runway improvementsAD 844
 AdairBike/PedFund last phase of three phase Forest Lake Area Trails System (FLATS) to connect Thousand Hills State Park to KirksvilleAD 1134
 AdairBike/PedKirksville; Sidewalks along Bus. Rte. 63/Baltimore from New St. to Rte. 6 West Funded with TAP – Do not rank