2018 TAC Needs list rankings


2018 Needs Ranking Sheet

There were 35 total needs identified by the Transportation Advisory Council for ranking prior to the submission of the priority list of unfunded needs for the Missouri Department of Transportation. TAC members could rank up to 12 total projects high (5 points), 12 total projects medium (3 points) and up to 11 projects low (1 point) priority.

CountyRoute/Location/Potential solutionNeed IDPoints Ranking
Knox6; entrance to High School near Edina; turn laneKN 160
Scotland15; Memphis School entrance; light/turn laneSCO 160
Lewis6; High School near Ewing; turn laneLE 756
SchuylerM; replace 1 lane bridge over S. Fork N. Fabius RiverSCH 150
Scotland15; replace bridge over Foreman BranchSCO 450
Scotland15; replace bridge over N. Fork Wyaconda RiverSCO 650
AdairBus. 63/Baltimore; Patterson to Illinois; Surface repair, ADA improvements and drainage improvementsAD 648
Clark136 & 81; Kahoka; turn laneCL 148
Adair/Schuyler63; construct 4 lanes – Kirksville to Iowa BorderAD SCH 446
Clark61 & 136; raise road at AlexandriaCL 746
Lewis6 & 16; intersection near Lewistown; sight distanceLE 346
Clark81; replace bridge over BNSF RRCL 642
Knox15 & 6; intersection in Edina; increase turning radiusKN 342
AdairBusiness 63; Brewington Ave. to Rte. 6 / turn laneAD 141
Clark27 & 136; Wayland intersection – visibilityCL 440
LewisC; LaGrange curve; emergency activation lightLE 538
Knox15; from Rte. AA to curve, north of Edina; rain/hydroplane issueKN 636
SchuylerAll lettered routes; surface repairSCH 236
Adair/Knox/Lewis6; expand to 4 lanes Kirksville to Hwy 61AD KN LE 534
Schuyler136; bridge over abandoned RR; 1 mile west of Rte. 63SCH 534
Adair/Knox/Lewis6; surface repair / add shouldersAD KN LE 433
Adair11; add shoulders though entire countyAD 332
Scotland15; add shoulders through countySCO 1132
ScotlandMM & 136; Memphis; lightingSCO 930
Adair63; Kirksville to Macon Co.; median cable barriersAD 528
Clark81; add shoulders through entire countyCL 528
LewisK; north of LaBelle; add shouldersLE 628
Scotland15; Memphis, Madison St. intersection; visibilitySCO 228
Scotland136 & 15; Memphis “Y” intersection; lightingSCO 1026
Lewis61; Rte. 16 to Rte. P; Auxiliary laneLE 223
Knox15; add shoulders through countyKN 522
ClarkAll lettered routes; add shouldersCL 220
Lewis61; Canton to LaGrange; install median cross overLE 820
Adair63; repair/sweep shouldersAD 718
LewisC; reroute to straighten in EwingLE 412


2018 Multimodal Needs Ranking Sheet

This section contains needs that don’t fit into becoming traditional STIP projects, usually because they don’t qualify for Road and Bridge funds, therefore they will be ranked separately. 

#County/RteTypeDescription of needNeed IDHigh, Medium, or Low
1All countiesTransitAdditional funding of OATS for more days of service. 37
2AdairAviationKirksville Airport; Terminal building improvements, hangar improvements, runway improvementsAD 832
3AdairBike/PedKirksville; Bike lanesAD 1022
4AdairBike/PedFund last phase of three phase Forest Lake Area Trails System (FLATS) to connect Thousand Hills State Park to KirksvilleAD 1134
5AdairBike/PedKirksville; Sidewalks along Bus. Rte. 63/Baltimore from New St. to Rte. 6 West 37
6LewisBike/PedCanton; Sidewalks along Bus. Rte. 61/Rte. P; Culver Stockton to AyercoLE 1248